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Full-Service Social Media Marketing Agency in the USA

With Advertyzed, you can reap the benefits of a cross-platform social media marketing strategy without lifting a finger. Our social maestros create social ads that interact and engage with the customers while staying true to your brand. Stand out from the crowd with better strategy and conversions that you could ever do on your own.

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Social Media Results, Maximized.

We build a strong relationship between your brand and its audience by embracing paid media, earned media, and owned media. Our strategy mix to yield maximum social media marketing benefits usually includes:

Content Creation

The only way to stay connected with your audience is to make lots of content. Creatives, banners, reels, motion graphics, UGC campaigns, and videos are all a part of our kickass creative strategy.

Social Media Management

The only way to stay connected with your audience is to make lots of content. Creatives, banners, reels, motion graphics, UGC campaigns, and videos are all a part of our kickass creative strategy.

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Paid Advertisement

ROI-focused and data-driven paid strategies are what bring us the most sales. From audience analysis, ad design, and A/B testing to campaign management, Advertyzed does it all.

Lead Generation

Our data-oriented campaigns are powered by catchy copies, user-friendly landing pages, and impressive imagery. We design pro-level lead generation campaigns that guarantee qualified leads.

Shop Setup

Facebook and Instagram shop feature has changed the e-commerce game for many businesses. Leveraging this top-of-the-line feature with Advertyzed is gonna be one heck of a ride.

Influencer Marketing

The PR pros at Advertyzed manage a vast influencer network that helps us strategize many influencer marketing campaigns across all major social media platforms.

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How We Skyrocket Your Brand’s Social Media Reach

Our caffeinated social media monks start brainstorming on your brand’s tone and theme from the day you sign up, coming up with bespoke and audience-centric solutions for better engagement on all major social media channels. When you’re with us, you’re not just another client, you’re a partner, and we treat our partners to some of the best social media marketing services in the US!

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Portfolio of Madness

Portfolio of Madness

Taking It One Platform At A Time

Everything you need to crack a successful social media marketing code can be found here.

Advertyzed is a data-driven agency that delivers end-to-end social media management services to its clients – from creative strategy to social advertising to social PR!

Facebook Marketing

A platform where you interact with friends and family can also be a game-changer for your brand. Be it managing your Facebook shop, running ad & lead-gen campaigns or interacting with the audience, we do it all.

Instagram Marketing

The popular photo-sharing app can help you position your brand across the board. From setting up an Instagram shop to creating reels and managing an aesthetic feed (while running high-performing ads; we do it all.

YouTube Marketing

Whether you are a brand or a creator, YouTube is one social media platform that can up your game in no time. Talk about video creation, editing, ad management, and channel monetization; Advertyzed does it all.

TikTok Marketing

Virility is everything! The one platform which has been shaking up the social media world is TikTok. Brands and creators both need a hooking presence on TikTok with prim & proper ad strategy – and we are here for it.

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